The South Central District (SCD) provides programs in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Service that address the areas of Health, Education, Employment and Economic Development as mandated by the National Association.

Annually members participate in a Leadership Academy.  The Leadership Academy provides training for members of the district who are already in leadership positions or for those who desire to become leaders within the Association - local, district and national.

Programs that recognize members and citizens in the areas for their Community Services, Achievements, Volunteer Services in employment / retirement and the HOPE Award (member or non-member) that demonstrates support beyond the call of duty and subsequently, gives hope to individuals are awarded annually during the Annual Conference.

Through the Youth Division, we provide programs for youth ages 12 through 18 (Youth Clubs) and for college students (Beta Psi Clubs).  It is through our Youth that the baton will be passed for continued commitment to the well-being of our communities and their precepts.

Many members are active in International Affairs and the United Nations Programs.  Some members have traveled throughout the African Continent.  SCD members have helped to fund the installation of Water Wells in villages, health clinics & schools in Ghana, West Africa; provided educational scholarships, clothes, shoes, toys, and medicines for children; funded the planting of fruit trees; and gave Books, bags of rice and mosquito nets.  Annually members attend and participate in the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations in New York.

For additional information about our programs and how you can participate, contact the South Central District at

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Represents the world in the hands of women

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Yellow Tea Rose

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Sojourner Truth

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Red and Yellow